seven Dubai Real Estate Investment Company Opportunities

seven Dubai Real Estate Investment Company OpportunitiesDubai Real Estate Investment Company Opportunities - Dubai, one of the states in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is currently trying to shift from a traditional oil dependence to a more balanced dependence based on tourism and services

As a result, its economy has grown with more and more tourist resorts coming to fulfill this purpose. why invest in dubai real estate? , This article will list 7 Dubai Real Estate Investment Company Opportunities in Dubai today.

1. Dubai as previously mentioned as a service center and particularly financial services hub 

There will be an increasing number of foreign professionals flocking there to work and with high salaries and tax free status there, the average rental yield of properties is above average. Nowadays one bedroom studio apartments do the best in terms of rent as expats working in Dubai tend to be single individuals so this would be a great real estate investment tip to take note of if you intend to invest in a dubai real estate investment company.

2. Dubai's property costs relative to international 

Standards are still very low and as a result the chances of a substantial increase in capital appreciation are very high. Coupled with the rental increase as mentioned above, the price of your real estate investment in Dubai will skyrocket in the next few months.

The rationale cited by some real estate professionals is that when money sourced from the US and UK begins to flow into such properties, the real estate value will reach international standards and you will benefit greatly from capital appreciation.

3. Disneyland attractions are currently being built there and this will have an impact on increasing tourist visitors to Dubai

If your property is located near Disneyland, you may be able to rent out your property to people who go there on vacation. As for the problem with rental collections, most real estate companies double as property managers and developers so they will be able to handle most of the collection payments on your behalf.

4. Smart Economy

Dubai thrives on innovation. It is one of the fewer smart economies in the world, with lots of aims at making processes both seamless and online. Everything from buying a property to paying your phone bill can be done through an app. By 2021, the government's aim is to reach the status of a sustainable city. Even registrations of new businesses can be done at just a click & successful submission of documents. Currently, there are 200 smart initiatives and more than 1,000 smart services by two dozen government departments and private sector partners. 

5. Strong Infrastructure

This year, the Dubai economy aims to outpace last year's growth. The mtero 2020 project is going strong & will support Expo visitors. Last year, investments in infrastructure and growth in trade contributed 18% to GDP growth. The Expo itself is expected to add another Dh23bn to the emirate’s GDP.

6. Low crime rate & safety The UAE & Dubai is known to be a very safe country and city

In fact, it is often touted as the safest country in the world. A survey taken by the 12th International Symposium for Police Best Practices in 2019 said that over 96.1% of respondents felt safe walking the streets at night. Besides this, the UAE is the 3rd country least prone to any natural disasters according to Which? Travel magazine that collated the data based on information provided by the World Economic Fund (for crime rates), the World Risk Report (for likelihood of major natural disasters), the NHS Fit for Travel website (for health risks), and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's (FCO) assessment of terrorism risk levels. 

7. Political stability Despite regional tensions

The UAE remains politically stable. The rulers of the emirates are extremely proactive and involved in daily governance. One may say that it's one of the safest countries in the MENA region to invest in.  The UAE also carries significant financial and monetary stability. Its well-developed, sophisticated banking system features extensive credit facilities and ample liquidity.

That's 7 Dubai Real Estate Investment Company Opportunities - Ratinah

In conclusion, Dubai represents one of the emerging markets where your investment dollars can earn you more. Spending time considering whether you want to invest in Dubai property may be worthwhile when considering the potential benefits

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